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Sea Fest 2017 Weightlifting Competition

This year, Overdrive Weightlifting had two athletes compete at the 45th Annual Sea Festival Weightlifting Open Competition. The competition was filled with aspiring weightlifters and strong competition. Every year, Sea Fest brings in the best of the best weightlifters along with the budding recreational lifters. Eunice and Jane from Overdrive both decided to join the competition. They have both been working hard with Coach Jordan to improve their lifts, refine their technique, and get crazy strong! Eunice has had many competitions under her belt but for Jane, this was her first sanctioned BC Weightlifting Competition.
First up was Eunice in the 48kg Weight Class. Eunice managed to go 3/3 in her Snatch and set a competition PR of 49kg! (Note, that is OVER her body weight) The competition was still too close for comfort after Snatch. Eunice kicked it up a notch for the Clean & Jerk and crushed the nearest competition by over 10kg in the Total! She also set a NEW BC RECORD in the Clean & Jerk with 67kg for the 48kg Weight Class. Eunice has been working hard and we are looking forward to what more hard work can do in the coming year.

Jane competed in the 63kg Weight Class. In the Snatch, she was head to head with another girl for the 1st place position. She did so well for her first competition and actually managed to Snatch 1kg off the first place position. For the Clean & Jerk, it was NECK AND NECK with her competition to claim that 1st place. In the end, Jane was short by a couple of kg to claim the 1st place position and ended her first competition with a SILVER MEDAL! This is only the beginning for Jane and we look forward to seeing what she can do with more hard work and training.

Next Competition is Ogopogo (up in Kelowna) on August 20 and 21st. Our entire Weightlifting Competition team will be going up consisting of Sophie, Eunice, and Jane! Wish them luck!