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CrossFit Open 2017

It is that time of the year again! The Crossfit Open begins on February 23rd, 2017 and goes for 5 weeks. Every week, Crossfit HQ will be releasing Open workouts everyday Thursday at 5pm PST. Crossfitters around the world will have the opportunity to do the same workouts and rank themselves against one another. Crossfit Overdrive will be running these workouts for all members in the gym. Please read below on the format of the Open at Crossfit Overdrive.

Workout Dates : Workouts will be done on the Friday and Sunday following the workout announcements.

  • Friday : Regular class hours. (6:30 am, 9 am, 11 am, and 4 pm to 8 pm)
  • Sunday : From 10 am t0 12 pm (1st timers get priority, then everyone else who is redoing)

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these time slots. No workouts will be allowed on Thursday evenings, Saturday mornings, or Monday mornings. If you cannot make these time slots, please speak to your Coach. There must be a legitimate reason for you to miss these time slots and make it up at another time.

Scores must be submitted by each athlete individually the following Monday by 12 pm(this gives us some time to validate all scores)Scores will be verified by Overdrive staff after checking each athletes score cards.

Participation/Registration :

To register for the Open:
1. Go to “games.crossfit.com
2. Register individually ($20 US), then choose “Crossfit Overdrive” as your affiliate
3. Choose “Overdrive” as your team.

(See or message a Coach if you have any questions about registration)

Each week, you will come into the class and sign up for the appropriate heat that works for you. There will be a SHORT debrief to talk about the WOD and the logistics. After which, we will require everyone to help judge each other as you go through the Open Workouts each week. Feel free to stay and cheer on your fellow Overdrivers as they participate in the Open as well!

There are scaled, masters, and teen divisions in the Crossfit Open this year. This will allow members who may not have all the skills and strength necessary for the RX division, to complete the workouts and post their scores online. It will increase participation and create an even greater atmosphere in the box!

Overdrive Open In-House Competition 2017 :

This year’s In-Box competition will be all-inclusive for EVERY member of Overdrive of ALL levels. Please see the details below:


  • Competitors will be broken into random teams picked from a hat. To create fair teams, competitors will be put into three categories: Sport, Fitness, and Lifestyle before being picked from the hat. Teams will have equal number of members from each category.
  • Each week, teams will complete the Open workouts on their own to contribute their scores towards the team score. Additionally, there will be other ways for the team members to score for their team. (See below)
  • At the end of the Open, the team with the highest score will be declared the winner of the Overdrive In-House Competition!

Divisions :
To create an all-inclusive competition, we will be running THREE divisions depending on your experience and strength in Crossfit. Our Sport and Fitness divisions will be identical to the RX and Scaled divisions of Crossfit HQ workout formats. However, Overdrive will be creating a third division called “Lifestyle”. These workouts will be scaled to create workouts that everyone can do in the box regardless of experience at Crossfit.

Scoring : Each week, you can earn points for your team by doing the following…

  • Showing up each week to do the workout will result in 5 points for your team.
  • For each athlete you judge, you will score 2 points for your team. (Maximum: 4 points per week per athlete)
  • Receive up to a MAX 10 points(5 of the points will be earned simply by ‘Checking-in’ to Crossfit Overdrive on your mobile apps via FB, all-in-one posting friendly!) per athlete for showing enthusiasm and posting pictures of you and your team members on your Facebook Page. Matching outfits for the team results in higher points! Use #teamoverdriveopen2017 to keep all of the posts together and for easier judging! (Bonus prize to the team with the most ‘Check-Ins’ at the end of Open!)
  • The actual score of your workout will result in the most points:
    • Male and Females will be scored in separate columns
    • The first place athlete in each category will receive the most points and each placement will descend by 1 point. (Example: There are 40 males in the Open for Overdrive, the first place male will receive 40 points, 2nd place will receive 39, third will receive 38, etc.)
    • If you scale (either Scaled or Beginner division) the workout, you are automatically placed below the last place athlete of the division above.


  • Open Competitors are automatically registered for our in-house competition if you sign up for the official Crossfit HQ Open.
  • Lifestyle Division Competitors can sign up on the Social Board at the gym. You will then be placed on a team once all official registrations have been completed via Games site with the Sport and Fitness athletes.

Prizes: Prizes are to be determined. The Coaches are looking into potentially having sponsored prizes from local businesses as well as a commemorative souvenir.  So expect a prize package for the athletes of the winning team, aside from bragging rights!