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The Big KilOpen 2015 Weightlifting Competition

Date: Nov. 14th, 2015

Jordan McGarry (69kg) – Snatch: 82kg / Clean & Jerk: 103kg = Total: 185kg (2nd Place)
Richard Basford (69kg) – Snatch: 75kg / Clean & Jerk: 98kg = Total: 173kg (4th Place)
Grace Cheung (63kg) – Snatch: 59kg / Clean & Jerk: 80kg = Total: 139kg (1st Place & Best Overall Female Lifter)
Emily Schultz (69kg) – Snatch: 64kg / Clean & Jerk: 74kg = Total: 137kg (2nd Place)
Sharon Ko (75kg) – Snatch: 62kg / Clean & Jerk: 87kg = Total: 149kg (1st Place)

This was the first competition that we had multiple lifters competing as part of our nearly formed BCWA certified “Overdrive Weightlifting Club”. We are really happy with the results of our competition. Of the 5 competitors, we received 2 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals and a BEST OVERALL FEMALE LIFTER AWARD! 4 of the athletes have qualified for Provincials on Dec. 12th, 2015!! This is truly a testament to the hard work and dedication these athletes put into the gym on a daily basis trying to better themselves and reach a higher level of fitness. It also is a testament to the degree of coaching we receive at Overdrive from the Coach’s. Our lifters are Provincial level!

For 3 of our athletes, this was their first weightlifting competition. They handled themselves very well! The pressure is high and the level of concentration required at a weightlifting competition is very high. Our athletes had laser focus! The Coach’s (Marco, Viktor, and Ryan) were an important part of the team. They ensured the athletes were warming up with the proper pace and with the best technique. They also helped the athletes pick their weights for the competition. Without the Coach’s, the athletes would be all over the place! Thank you Coach’s!

We wish all the luck in the world to our weightlifting competitor as they move on to Provincials! This is just the beginning for Overdrive Weightlifting Club!