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Overdrive Fall Nutrition Challenge

After a summer full of patio food and vacations, it is time to get back into a healthy lifestyle. Overdrive will be issuing a challenge to members to remove less desirable elements from your everyday lives and create a better, healthier lifestyle. As you go through this challenge, you will see how nutrition and lifestyle are important in everyday performance in the gym or elsewhere. How it works: Facebook Group Page: Link Dates: Sept. 21st to Oct. 30th Cost: $40, Sign up on Social Board. Read more [...]

VanCity Battle 2015

Overall Finish: 5th Place (Tied) Overdrive was lucky enough to be a part of the Vancity Battle Crossfit Competition put on by Crossfit 604 along with 18 other teams. With the new format of the Crossfit Regionals, the Vancity Battle was put on in an effort to bring the lower mainland's Crossfit community together for a Crossfit Competition. Overdrive put together a team that included the top three males and top three females from the Crossfit Open 2015 standings within the box. The result was Read more [...]

Overdrive In-House Open Competition Winners

Congratulations to Team: Straight Flexin': Denise Bonney Yousif Samarrai Sophie Manfredi Michael Aghamohseni Emily Schultz Christina Virtusio You guys have won the second annual in-house Open Competition. You guys showed consistent Open Performances and loads of team spirit on a week to week basis. Your prize package includes: - White Spot Coupon - Popeye's Supplement Package - Lululemon Top See Coach Jordan to receive your White Spot Coupon and Popeye's Supplement Package. Coach Read more [...]

Whole Life Challenge 2015 Results

Congratulations to Martina "Cadbury" Cvitanovic for winning the Overdrive Whole Life Challenge 2015. Everyone who managed to stick to the challenge through it's duration saw huge improvements in body composition, WOD times, strength, and most importantly... mood! The Overdrive coaches are really impressed with all the hard work everyone put in for this challenge, it really showed! It was very hard to come to a decision based on the Stats, WLC points, and Before/After pictures. Here is a summary Read more [...]

Overdrive In-House Open Competition

Click this link to discover who is on your team for the Open: Team Announcement Week 1 Results: Week 1 Crossfit Open Week 2 Results: Week 2 Crossfit Open Week 3 Results: Week 3 Crossfit Overdrive Open Week 4 Results: Crossfit Open Week 4 If you have any discrepancies in the scores, come talk or message Coach Jordan. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't "store" hashtags for more than a couple of days. So when tallying up the scores, searching the hashtag did not work for all the photos. We Read more [...]

Crossfit Open 2015

It is that time of the year again! The Crossfit Open begins on February 26th, 2015 and goes for 5 weeks. Every week, Crossfit HQ will be releasing Open workouts everyday Thursday at 5pm. Crossfitters around the world will have the opportunity to do the same workouts and rank themselves against one another. Crossfit Overdrive will be running these workouts for all members in the gym. Please read below on the format of the Open at Crossfit Overdrive. Workout Dates: Workouts will be done on the Read more [...]