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Overdrive at IceBreaker 2016

Team Overdrive had a very successful weekend at the Crossfit North Vancouver Icebreaker 2016! The athletes competing were Emily, Grace C, Sophie, Coach Lucas, and Richard.

Event 1 and 2 were the max snatch and max clean and jerk. All of our athletes established new personal records in both of their lifts!
Emily 150 lb Snatch/170 lb CJ
Grace 145/185
Sophie 120/150
Rich 195/240
Lucas 220/270

The weekend featured some very tough competition as nearly half the field of both men’s and women’s divisions had regional level athletes. Each one of our athletes battled hard and gave it their all to showcase all of their hard work over the past several months.

Sophie entered her very 1st competition and she was extremely excited and nervous at the same time. Her weekend highlight was the med ball workout in which she had the 2nd fastest time in the entire competition! Sophie finished in 15th place overall, not too shabby for a rookie!

Grace demonstrated her well-balanced skill set and determination to compete with the best by doing well in all the events. Her highlight was establishing new PRs in both of her lifts, a feat that she was not able to accomplish a few months ago at the KiloOpen. Grace finished in a very respectable 10th place!

Richard continued to show that he is a very strong pound for pound athlete, giving up nearly 50 lbs to the average male competitor in the competition, but holding his own and placing mid-pack for most of the events. His highlights include smashing his PRs for both lifts and displaying a well-rounded attack of his gymnastics skills and pound for pound strength on those 275 lb deadlifts! Richard finished in 21st place overall.

Lucas entered this weekend as the wild card as he originally did not plan on competing but took Jordan’s spot as his replacement. Lucas is always game and excited when it comes to Crossfit competitions. He showed his consistent game and high level of movement standards all throughout the weekend. His highlights included also smashing his PRs for both lifts, tearing up his hands badly in the pull-up WOD, but recovering the next day to finish strong with a big showing in the med ball event. Lucas finished in 23rd place overall.

Emily entered this competition with higher expectations as last year she made the finals in her rookie year and was aiming to improve on that. Her training over the year was more strength focused as that was her weakness last year. Although she PRd both her lifts, her clean and jerk score put her in a bit of an uphill climb. But we all knew that she would be able to excel in the other events to follow. She slowly climbed back into contention by winning the next event, then placing no worse than 6th the rest of the way. Once all the events were completed, she had placed 3rd overall which meant qualifying for the finals once again. In the final WOD in which they take the top 6 finishers, the format was “chase the rabbit”. So the 1st place athlete had a 7 second head start on Emily based on points. It was an awesome final to watch as the organizers had the athletes go head-to-head. The first heat had the 5th seed vs 6th seed, where the initial top time was established. The WOD was 15 cal on the Airdyne bike, 12 HSPU, and 9 G-to-OH(105 lbs). It would be a sprint WOD and the girl who finished with the fastest time would be crowned champion. The time to beat was 2:04. Emily had never ridden an Airdyne before but learned fast as she always does. She got off the bike, then knocked out 12 HSPU with ease before singling out the 105’s with clean and jerks. Her time was 2:03! Now we just had to wait for the final two girls to go, the top two seeds going in. The two girls were Deanna from Hybrid and Caleigh from Vic City Crossfit. Deanna would crush the bike but struggled on the HSPU knocking her out of contention. Caleigh was on pace for a similar time to Emily’s but was slowed by her last few reps of the 105…alas, Emily would be crowned champion!!

Congratulations to Emily, the Icebreaker 2016 champion! We are very proud of her as all her time in the gym training, and outside of the gym living a healthy lifestyle has really paid off! This is another huge stepping stone in her quest to qualify for Regionals this year.

Congratulations to ALL of our Overdrive athletes as our success is not just one individual, but a collective group and community of amazing people! We want to thank everyone who drove out to North Vancouver and cheered on our athletes. It really meant a lot to see the friendly faces of support.

IceBreaker 2016 Champion, Emily “Barrysdottir” Schultz!
IceBreaker 2016 Champion, Emily “Barrysdottir” Schultz!