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Competitive Athlete Program

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to introduce our Overdrive Competitive Athlete Program for the Winter 2016/17 season. This program is geared towards athletes who have aspirations of competing in the sport of Crossfit, at a advanced Open and Regional level.

When : Starts Monday December 19
Duration : 16 weeks
How : The training will take place on M,Tu,Wed,Fri, and Sat. Thurs and Sundays are rest days. Training can be performed during class time off to the side, and during open gym times accessible for athletes in this program only. Saturday’s will be the team training day, where all athletes will get together and train as a group, and do FUN team building activities.
What to expect : Advanced program with higher volume of conditioning, strength work, and honing gymnastics skills. Training sessions will typically be up to two hours, but can be broken up into more than one session.
What about doing regular classes with my friends? : Absolutely! The intent of this program is to provide EXTRA work for athletes to do, above and beyond regular class. Quite often, the regular class lesson plan will be part of your daily training.
Cost : INCLUDED as part of your membership

Prerequisites to join the program :
-Crossfitting for minimum 4-6 months
-attends regular classes 3-5 times per week
-has a POSITIVE attitude and is a TEAM player
-willingness to WORK HARD
-able to commit approximately 8-10 hours per week
-check your EGO and get on this GAIN TRAIN
-Meet MOST of minimum physical requirements(click on link below)


If you are interested and excited to be part of this year’s group, please send your application via email to Coach M by  NO LATER THAN Saturday December 17 at 5 pm. He will then review your submission and respond to you by Sunday night. Simply state in your email your reasons for wanting to join this group, what you bring to the team, and your biggest weaknesses.

Coach M’s email : [email protected]