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Seafest 2016


Eunice (48kg) – Snatch: 44kg | Clean & Jerk: 58kg / Total: 102kg | Place: 1st (Qualified for Provincials)
Christine (53kg) – Snatch: 46kg | Clean & Jerk: 53kg / Total: 99kg | Place: 5th
Brianne (63kg) – Snatch: 45kg | Clean & Jerk: 55kg / Total: 100kg | Place: 10th
Sophie (75kg) – Snatch: 59kg | Clean & Jerk: 73kg / Total: 132kg | Place: 2nd (Qualified for Provincials)
Sharon (75kg+) – Snatch: 59kg | Clean & Jerk: 91kg / Total: 150kg | Place: 2nd (Qualified for Provincials)

Jeffrey (69kg) – Snatch: 55kg | Clean & Jerk: 73kg / Total: 128kg | Place: 6th
Derrick (77kg) – Snatch: 75kg | Clean & Jerk: 111kg / Total: 186kg | Place: 7th
Lucas (94kg) – Snatch: 94kg | Clean & Jerk: 120kg / Total: 214kg | Place: 7th (Qualified for Provincials)
Daniel (105kg) – Snatch: 63kg | Clean & Jerk: 85kg / Total: 148kg | Place: 4th

The 44th Annual Seafest Weightlifting Competition was the biggest showing by Overdrive in any weightlifting competition. It was programmed to be the last weekend of our first Weightlifting Cycle for our weightlifters. For many competitors, this was the first competition they were a part of. Everyone came in and performed exceptionally well. It was a fun filled weekend full of dramatic moments and lots of weight being moved around!

Coach Jordan and Ryan are very proud of all of our athletes. Despite being nervous, and sometimes a little shaken up by a missed lift, they all came out and tried their hardest, hit big numbers, and proved that they are better weightlifters. It was a pleasure to Coach all the athletes this weekend and help them all achieve their goals!

Each of the Overdrive weightlifters showed incredible improvements over the past 7 weeks of the weightlifting cycle and were able to showcase their talents on the main stage. Many ELITE weightlifters would give a nod of approval of all our weightlifters. Overdrive is lucky to have such a dedication to perfect technique that is comparable to the most elite of weightlifters. Overdrive Weightlifting is just getting started, we are going to grow, get better and stronger, and show everyone what we can do!

Until the next one!… (KilOpen in November)